Set up a VM with Vagrant

Vagrant can be used to build a VM that supplies the basic dependency stack required by Socorro. This is an alternative to setting up these services manually in your local environment.


You’ll need both VirtualBox ( and Vagrant ( set up and ready to go.

Virtualenv warning

Make sure that you don’t already have a ./socorro-virtualenv directory created with a different architecture (e.g. running make bootstrap on a Mac), otherwise you’ll get odd errors about pip not existing, binaries being the wrong architecture, and so on.


1. Clone the Socorro repository:

git clone git://
cd socorro

2. Provision the VM:

vagrant up

This step will:

  • Download the base image if it isn’t already present.
  • Boot the VM.
  • Using Puppet, install and initialise the basic dependencies that Socorro needs.

3. Add entries to /etc/hosts on the HOST machine: crash-stats crash-reports socorro-api

That’s it!

You can get a shell in the VM as the user “vagrant” by running this in your Socorro source checkout:

vagrant ssh

Your git checkout on the host will automatically be shared with the VM in /home/vagrant/socorro .

Next you need to install Socorro itself: Installing from binary package