Installing from binary packageΒΆ

If you do not wish to install from source, and are using a RHEL-compatible 64-bit Linux distribution (such as CentOS), then you can install from a package instead of from source. Both tarball and RPM based installs are provided - RPM is recommended.

Installing an RPM:

$ curl -O
$ sudo rpm -i --nofiledigest socorro-latest.x86_64.rpm

Installing a tarball:

$ sudo su -
# mkdir -p "$HOME/socorro-deploy"
# curl \
   -o "$HOME/socorro-deploy/"
# chmod +x "$HOME/socorro-deploy/"
# "$HOME/socorro-deploy/" \

This will install the very latest development release of Socorro.

Info for Socorro releases to Mozilla’s crash-stats server are available at and the latest git SHA actually installed on production is available at

You can find the git SHAs that went into each build at

Note that merge commits do not show up in the Jenkins changelog, so you’ll need to look at the “parent commits” in github to match them up.

You can skip the rest of these instructions, and go to System Test